Since its founding in 1997, CHASEWOOD (CWL) has built a proud tradition of superior technical expertise and unsurpassed customer service.
CHASEWOOD has deep roots and excellent reputation in the oil fields for quality work and loyalty so its clientele.

CHASEWOOD has achieved its leadership position in the industry by recruiting and hiring only the very best people.

Thanks to rigorous training and safety programmes, we are able to assure our clients that every job will be performed to the highest standards of quality control, safety and cost efficiency.

Among the key factors which set apart from the competition is our team of highly qualified, experiences and motivated people. From Sales to Operations, our staffs work very closely to assure better service on every job, from start to finish. Our operators are mechanics which means they have the training and expertise to solve problems right there on the job, saving time and money. And because we use only in-house operators, our clients are assured of only the most experienced personnel on the job site

Quality control at CWL is second to none. We offer an in-house safety manager to assure adherence to the highest standards and we have instituted a rigorous process for identifying and addressing problems at the job site, including carefully kept log cards, activity reports and job reviews.
With the need for safety, efficiency and cost containment more crucial than ever, it’s good to know that one company is dedicated above all else to error-free operation. This dedication to excellence means our clients reap the benefits of no down time and a better bottom line, day after day, year after year.

Our Mission

To provide integrated services, dependable consultancies and set the standard for excellence in oil & gas industry through total commitment to quality, safety and good environmental management practices.

Because CHASEWOOD is totally committed to customer satisfaction, only the very highest quality equipment is offered, including hydraulic power tongs by Lamb, Clincher, Eckel, Foster and Hilman-kelley; customized power units; Dual tools; Bowen power swivels, Con-tech Computerized torque control systems, and a complete array of handling equipment.
We continually upgrade our inventory and every piece of equipment is thoroughly tested before being sent to the job site. Equally important, we keep an unusually large number of parts in stock, so we are ready to respond at a moment’s notice when client calls.