Coil Tubing, Pumping & Stimulation

Our highly trained well services experts include:
Well Intervention Technical Engineers
Field Engineers, Stabbers, Tong Operators
Coiled Tubing Supervisors
Stimulation Engineers
Data Acquisition Engineers
Coiled Tubing Operators
Nitrogen Operators
Pump Operators
Field Assistants

Our coiled tubing units are both Skid-mounted &
Trailer-mounted for onshore and offshore applications.

• Injectors Head rated min 60K
•1.5” 1.25” Side Door Stripper
•3.06” Quad BOP
•1.5” Coiled Tubing – 15,000 ft
•1.25” Coiled Tubing – 17,000 ft


We provide all integrated and ancillary stimulation equipment
• Batch Mixer
• Chemical Additive System
• Chemical Transfer Pump
• Centrifugal Pump


We have dedicated personnel, the state of act equipment
and all our stimulation chemicals are readily available
in Nigeria to execute all kinds of Coiled Tubing
and Pumping Services

All our operations are executed with real
time data monitoring with our advanced Data
Acquisition System.

Our High Pressure Pump Units are designed to deliver optimum pressure and rate for all the duration of any stimulation operation.

•Pump Rate 0.1 to 12 bpm
•Twin Engine units
•Double Skid Pumps
•Maximum Pressure – 15k psi
•Trailer and Skid Mounted Unit


Our Nitrogen packages include HP Nitrogen Converter and Skid Cryogenic Tank for Liquid Nitrogen storage.

Nitrogen Unit – 100K
2000 – 10,000 gallon Tanks
Injection rate – up to 800scf/m
Electronic Flow-meter

We care for the ENVIRONMENT: ZERO % spillage is achieved in our operation with our fluid containment and pressure control equipment

Stainless Steel Tanks > 200bbl
100bbl Flow-back Tank
( With Gas baffles)
2” Choke Manifold
(Adjustable & Fixed)
Remote Operated BOP & Stripper