Health, Safety and Environment


It is our policy to provide and maintain a safe working environment for our employees, who are our most valued assets. The safety of our employee is our utmost priority and all safety equipment must be provided before any job is carried out.

All staff of CHASEWOOD LIMITED shall be medically fit. We shall maintain an insurance against any liability that may result in case of any personnel suffering occupational disease or any impairment to health resulting from our operation. The company's retained clinic shall handle all routine medical and emergency cases.

As an essential part of the overall company's management, CHASEWOOD LIMITED takes responsibility of security of all personnel, client representative and third party in all our work sites and premises.

In carrying out our operations, CHASEWOOD LIMITED shall plan and execute it in such a manner as to eliminate adverse effects or impact on the environment. Our operations shall be essentially environmental friendly.

CHASEWOOD LIMITED shall identify with the needs and aspirations of her clients and the host communities in the execution of its operation. We shall liaise with clients, host community, relevant government departments and others to ensure safe and peaceful working environment. Harmonious relationship shall be maintained with clients and community. Where there are conflicts, peaceful dialogue shall be employed to resolve areas of disagreement.

Strict adherence to these policies is required.




CHASEWOOD Limited is committed to:

Consistently meeting customer requirements and expectations with respect to quality, cost, performance, safety and reliability

Continually improving processes and procedures to ensure efficiency and effectiveness at all levels of service


To achieve these principles CHASEWOOD Limited shall:

Implement effective Quality Management at every level within the company.

Operate a Quality Management System that satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001 and it is maintained by:

• Scheduled Internal Audits
• Periodic Management Review Meetings
• Independent External Audits (Certifying Authorities and Customers)
• Regular review of established quality objectives
• Review of customer feedback system

Develop competent, responsible and empowered personnel at all levels through commitment to training.