CHASEWOOD has become one of the industry leaders in wireline services, combining skilled professionals and a vast resource of equipment to form a wireline service team beyond compare. CHASEWOOD has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience that is unmatched in the industry – providing wireline solutions that work efficiently and safely. For more than 4 years, the division has set the standard for quality, reliability and technical know-how. Their team of professionals is dedicated to providing long-term solutions to enhance your well’s production. With one of the largest and best-maintained inventories, CHASEWOOD offers a wide range of slick and braided line applications available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether offshore or inland:

• Bottomhole pressure/ temperature surveys
• Specialized fishing operations
• Sand bailing
• Dump bailing
• Paraffin cutting
• Swabbing
• Locating and packing off holes and leaks
• Chipping deposits
• Setting and pulling of safety devices
• Gas lift services
• Perforating
• Shifting sliding sleeves
• Corrosive environment equipment
• Heavy fishing equipment
• Rigless subsea wireline services
• Deepwater wireline services
• Tubing/casing inspection
• Production logging services